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City Visions | Megaprojects for Megacities: A Comparative Casebook

City Visions - Book talks exploring urban issues and visionary transformations

Megaprojects for Megacities is a collection of 14 international case studies of transportation, urban development, and environmental megaprojects completed during the last ten years in North America, Asia and Europe. It goes beyond the previous megaproject literature to look at how and why each project was conceived, planned, engineered, financed, and delivered, and at how particular planning and delivery practices shaped outcomes.

Book cover or Megaprojects for Megacities

The book is edited by John D. Landis, Emeritus Professor of City and Regional Planning at Weitzman School of Design, University of Pennsylvania. Professor Landis’ research interests span a variety of urban development topics. His current and recent research focuses on metropolitan equity, gentrification and neighborhood change, affordable housing, sprawl and growth management, and smart cities technologies. 

From February – June 2023, the School of Cities hosted the City Visions book series, featuring leading urban experts and authors exploring the urban issues and visionary transformations captured in their recent books.Topics ranged from de-industrialization to single-family housing and from innovation districts to housing market segregation, and every event featured the author in conversation with a moderator and fellow urban affairs expert.