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Knowledge Café | Written in the Land: Do You Know Where You are Standing?

jill carter knowledge cafe

“Written in the Land” offers a brief overview of several exercises in somatic archeology and land-based dramaturgy through which buried histories might be unearthed and seemingly neutral plots of terra nullius might be represenced as sites of violence wherein the destructive power that was exerted continues to reverberate through Indigenous blood, bone and memory today. Within this work, the researcher’s body becomes a site of re-encounter, as place re-engages with an unearthed story to initiate a call and to activate response from within that body.

If we cannot read the land upon which we stand, we cannot know where we are standing. We cannot story that land. We cannot respond to its call. If we do not know where we are standing, what then are we acKNOWledging?

Presented by:
Jill Carter, Assistant Professor, Centre for Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies Faculty of Arts and Science