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Marc Cadotte

Professor - Biological Sciences

Field of study: Biological Sciences

Areas of interest: Ecology, ecosystem function, species invasion, urban ecology

Prof. Marc Cadotte was trained as a community ecologist, first as an MSc student under Jonathan Lovett-Doust at the University of Windsor in Canada, examining the effects of forest fragmentation on forest structure in Madagascar coastal rain forests, then as a PhD student with Jim Drake at the University of Tennessee combining ecological theory with experiments. He was postdoctoral research fellow at the National Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis in Santa Barbara, California, USA, where he examined the role of evolutionary relationships among species in influencing the health and functioning of ecosystems. He currently holds the endowed TD Professor of Urban Forest Conservation and Biology chair and is the acting Vice Principal of Research at the University of Toronto-Scarborough. He is also the Executive Editor of the Journal of Applied Ecology. He researches the links between biodiversity and ecosystem function, how to predict and control invasive species, and how environmental changes influences the delivery of ecosystem services. He has published more than 120 articles and has pioneered biodiversity measures that quantify species differences. Along with Jonathan Davies, Prof. Cadotte is the author of the recently published book: Phylogenies in Ecology, published by Princeton University Press. Prof. Cadotte was listed on Web of Science’s top 1% most cited scientists in environmental science.