Canadian Urban Leaders are prominent global influencers who have served in official capacity in government or the public service (municipal, provincial, national and inter-governmental organizations) and managed a portfolio with significant urban focus. They are nominated by a current member of the School of Cities community and, following the nomination process, nominations are reviewed by the Appointments Committee.  

Canadian Urban Leaders have the opportunity to contribute to the School of Cities community in the following ways: 

  • Propose and lead programs, events and activities;  
  • Sit on the School of Cities External Advisory Board; 
  • Contribute to the publications and knowledge products of the School of Cities;  
  • Work, meet and host on University of Toronto campus; 
  • Attend events, roundtables, seminars, and symposia organized by the School of Cities; 
  • Serve as a spokesperson for media and public speaking opportunities; 
  • Provide mentorship to junior faculty, students and Early Career Urban Leaders; 
  • Engage with students, staff, and faculty and receive support for research, capacity-building, outreach, event coordination and communications.