In 2024, the School of Cities will host its second annual workshop on urban mixed methods. The multi-day workshop gathers a diverse group of talented doctoral students to explore innovative research methodologies that engage with the theme of urbanism and cities. Participants take part in discussion, refine their own research designs, and build networks with fellow scholars across disciplines, while urban faculty present lightning talks on research projects illustrating cutting-edge methods for qualitative and quantitative research design, data collection, analysis, interpretation and visualization. Students also spend two days in intensive, small group sessions on dissertation research design, receiving feedback from peers and faculty.

Workshop on Chalkboard

PhD candidates are invited to apply from across Canada and globally, and all expenses are paid for those who are selected (including travel and accommodation). Students and faculty from India are especially encouraged to apply, as part of School of Cities India, which exists to engage with students, faculty, municipalities and policymakers in India on multidisciplinary initiatives relevant to urban studies, data & training.