School of Cities / People / Affiliated Faculty

Prentiss Dantzler

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

Field of study: Sociology

Areas of interest: Urban Poverty Housing Policy Neighbourhood Change Race and Ethnic Relations Public Policymaking

Prentiss A. Dantzler, Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Affiliate Faculty at the Infrastructure Institute at the University of Toronto, is an interdisciplinary researcher interested in understanding the nexus of urban poverty, neighbourhood change, race and ethnic relations, housing and community development. He recently published a review article in Sociology Compass looking at housing affordability, market interventions and policy platforms during the 2022 Ontario provincial election with an impressive 29 undergraduate co-authors from the Urban Policy Collective in the Department of Sociology. This work found that while different forms of neoliberal ideology inform the policy platforms of political parties, federalism plays a significant role in framing the level and scale of government involvement. 

Professor Dantzler also recently co-edited a special issue with City and Community on racial capitalism and urban processes with a focus on the relationship between racial inequality and urban development. You can listen to Professor Dantzler and his co-editor, Junia Howell, Ph.D., speak more about the Special Issue on the SAGE Sociology podcast.

You can read more about Prentiss’ work here and follow him on Twitter @DocDantzler