Students marching in a climate protest

Climate & Environment

Climate change is the defining challenge of our time, simultaneously requiring the transformation of infrastructure, reconfiguration of financial systems, mobilization of the electorate, and more. Cities are poised to lead… Read more

Community is Strength billboard

Culture & Community-Building

Cities are home to rich, complex ecosystems of cultures and communities, and they thrive most when we co-create solutions with residents, and invest in inclusivity, capacity-building, and creative expression. As… Read more


A thriving city is an economically vibrant and inclusive one. But how are economic resources prioritized, shared and managed? How are cities recovering from the economic impact of the COVID-19… Read more


Questions about how to govern and finance municipalities are at the heart of all city-building discussions. Our researchers and partners are looking closely at how policies and fiscal programs work… Read more


Healthy residents and communities are negatively impacted by pollution, congestion, and lack of access to nature, but also by poverty, transportation access, food insecurity, and housing affordability. The School of… Read more


The housing affordability crisis requires coordinated, evidence-based solutions across all levels of government. We bring together researchers, students, community members and policymakers to examine and debate the causes and consequences… Read more

An interchange in Shanghai


Infrastructure is the backbone of a city. School of Cities affiliated initiatives and faculty conduct research and analysis of civil and social infrastructure, and are building local and global expertise… Read more

Man looking at train arrival times


Urban transportation networks are a key to creating viable, livable cities in the face of population growth. The COVID-19 pandemic shook up how, why, and where we move in our… Read more

Urban Data

The plethora of sources of urban data presents new opportunities in what the scale, breadth, and depth of data enables practitioners and researchers to achieve – and yet challenges in… Read more

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