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Small Grants Program

The School of Cities’ Small Grants Program supports knowledge mobilization and translation, public policy engagement, curricular innovations, and other activities that address urban issues and contribute to efforts that make… Read more

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Visiting Experts

Visiting experts at the School of Cities are globally influential practitioners in civil society, the arts, business, media and government; members of the global urban academic community; and emerging leaders… Read more

The Metropolitan Mindset

To build better cities, we need to move past the traditional, zero-sum mindset that so often pervades local politics, where city leaders compete with their neighbours for scarce resources, to… Read more

Downtown Recovery

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic renewed longterm debates about the future of downtowns in North America. With the initial shock of the pandemic, downtowns emptied out as people were… Read more

The School of Cities is a unique multidisciplinary hub for urban research, education, and engagement creating new and just ways for cities and their residents to thrive. Based at the University of Toronto and in a fast-growing, culturally diverse, and economically dynamic urban region, the School of Cities supports leading scholars, practitioners, and community members spanning disciplines and lived experiences to co-create new understandings, policies, and practices.
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