The Multidisciplinary Urban Capstone Project (MUCP) is a unique, full-academic-year capstone course offered to 4th year undergraduates by the University of Toronto.

Students from across faculties and departments may apply, and will work in multidisciplinary teams on a real-world urban problem identified by a local municipality, community group or non-governmental organization.

Successfully completing the course requires that students integrate skills and knowledge from across multiple disciplines. The undergraduate faculties and departments currently participating in the capstone course are the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Department of Geography and Planning, Rotman School of Management, the Urban Studies Program at Innis College, the Department of Sociology (UTSC and UTSG), Department of Computer Science, School of Environment, and the Faculty of Information.

Applications to the MUCP will open in July 2023

Does your municipality or organization have an urban-based problem that needs solving? Become an MUCP client.

Are you an undergraduate student with interest in urban issues and looking for real-world experience? Become an MUCP student.

Past MUCP projects