The Equitable Development Data Insight Training Initiative (EDDIT) trains equitable development-focused organizations to expand their reach and impact using the data and resources they already have.

EDDIT offers selected U.S. and Canadian organizations a free data analysis and narrative training program, training them to better document, reflect, evaluate, and communicate the impacts of their work to stakeholders and communities. EDDIT helps non-profit, community, and government organizations to fully leverage their data to realize new resources, opportunities, and political support so they can have significant positive impacts on the quality of life of all communities and the economic growth of their city.

Working in small and medium-seized cities, and using storytelling as a powerful tool to share important and complex data, the EDDIT goals are to:

  • Showcase the benefits of equity-based approaches to economic development
  • Provide practitioners with the tools and skills needed to develop meaningful metrics
  • Develop a repository of equitable development projects
  • Develop a new curriculum on data analysis for equitable development projects
  • Build awareness and understanding of the practice of equitable development in the larger community

Visit EDDIT’s dedicated website to:

  • Meet the 2023 EDDIT cohort
  • Learn more about EDDIT, including the areas of equitable development and the outcomes and stages of the training
  • Find examples of the kinds of organizations EDDIT works with and the data insights and stories they collaborate on
  • Read FAQs and watch explainer videos
  • Meet and contact the team

EDDIT is a partnership between the University of California, Berkeley and the School of Cities, funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.