The School of Cities welcomes students, faculty, researchers, practitioners, and community members across urban sectors by offering fellowships, grants, projects, residencies, and training and development. Explore our programs and opportunities below.

Urban Challenge Grant

The Urban Challenge Grant (UCG) program at the School of Cities builds multidisciplinary scholarly communities of practice within the University of Toronto around complex urban challenges.

Small Grants Program

The Small Grants Program supports knowledge mobilization and translation, public policy engagement, curricular innovations, and other activities that address urban issues and contribute to efforts that make cities more sustainable, prosperous, inclusive and just.

Leading Social Justice Collective

The Leading Social Justice Collective (LSJC) is a cross-sectoral leadership development program for individuals engaged in social justice transformation in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), co-hosted by United Way of Greater Toronto and the School of Cities.

Visiting Experts

Visiting experts at the School of Cities are globally influential practitioners in civil society, the arts, business, media and government; members of the global urban academic community; and emerging leaders in their urban-related sectors.  

Leading Urban Change

Rotman and the School of Cities are proud to launch Leading Urban Change, an essential program that prepares mid- to senior-level city officials, public and private sector leaders to confront complex challenges while deepening their understanding of emergent models of leadership, impact measurement, implementation, relevant party engagement and systems-wide change.

Equitable Development Data Insight Training

The Equitable Development Data Insight Training Initiative (EDDIT) trains equitable development-focused organizations to expand their reach and impact using the data and resources they already have. 

Postdoctoral Matching Program

In spring 2023, the School of Cities announced support grants to eight postdoctoral fellows at U of T undertaking research that aligns with our key themes of climate justice and belonging, migration and thriving.

With nearly $300,000 in grants, we aim to lift the work of emerging scholars and advance the research of our colleagues across disciplines.

App Development Competition

The School of Cities is excited to announce its first ever app development competition – and you have the chance to be a part of it.  

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