Master’s programs

Links to urbanism-oriented graduate programs at U of T.

Undergraduate programs

Links to urbanism-oriented undergraduate programs at U of T.

Undergraduate courses

Course CodeCourse TitleSubjectLink
ANT347H1Metropolis: Global CitiesAnthropologyLink
ARC253H1Close Readings in Urban DesignArchitectural Studies Link
ARC354H1History of HousingArchitectural Studies Link
ARC355H1History of UrbanismArchitectural Studies Link
ARC367H1 Selected Topics in Urban DesignArchitectural Studies Link
ARC453H1Advanced Topics in the History and Theory of UrbanismArchitectural Studies Link
ARC467H1 Advanced Topics in Urban DesignArchitectural Studies Link
ARC482H1 Advanced Topics in the Technology of UrbanismArchitectural Studies Link
CAS370H1Asian CitiesContemporary Asian StudiesLink
CIV220H1Urban Engineering EcologyCivil Engineering Link
CIV331H1 Transport I – Introduction to Urban Transportation SystemsCivil Engineering Link
CIV516H1Public Transit Operations and PlanningCivil Engineering Link
CIV531H1 Transport PlanningCivil Engineering Link
CIV536H1 Urban Activity, Air Pollution, and HealthCivil Engineering Link
CIV550H1 Water Resources EngineeringCivil Engineering Link
CIV577H1 Infrastructure for Sustainable CitiesCivil Engineering Link
CME525H1Tunneling and Urban ExcavationCivil and Mineral EngineeringLink
CRI487H1 Law, Space, and the CityCriminology & Sociolegal StudiesLink
DTS310H1 Transnational TorontoDiaspora & Transnational Studies Link
EAS444H1The City, Body and Text in Modern Japanese LiteratureEast Asian StudiesLink
ECO333H1Urban EconomicsEconomicsLink
ENV307H1 Urban SustainabilityEnvironmental StudiesLink
ENV421Y1Community Research for Social & Environmental ChangeEnvironmental StudiesLink
ENV463H1Edible CampusEnvironmental StudiesLink
EMU425H1 Music & Urban Engagement with Youth in DetentionMusicLink
FAH199H1  Architecture of TorontoArt HistoryLink
FAH325H1 Urban IslamArt HistoryLink
FAH371H1 Architecture and Urbanism in Baroque EuropeArt HistoryLink
FAH415H1 History of Islamic CairoArt HistoryLink
FOR416H1 Green Urban InfrastructureForest Conservation & Forest Biomaterials ScienceLink
FOR421H1Green Urban Infrastructure: Sustainable City ForestsForestryLink
GER195H1 Cities, Real and Imagined (E)GermanLink
GGR124H1Cities and Urban LifeGeography & PlanningLink
GGR217H1 Urban Landscapes and PlanningGeography & PlanningLink
GGR259H1 Urban Growth and DeclineGeography & PlanningLink
GGR336H1 Urban Historical Geography of North AmericaGeography & PlanningLink
GGR338H1Social Transformation and Environment in the Majority WorldGeography & PlanningLink
GGR339H1 Urban Geography, Planning and Political ProcessesGeography & PlanningLink
GGR357H1Housing and Community DevelopmentGeography & PlanningLink
GGR359H1 Comparative Urban PolicyGeography & PlanningLink
GGR372H1  GIS for Public HealthGeography & PlanningLink
GGR373H1Advanced Geographic Information SystemsGeography & PlanningLink
GGR376H1GeovisualizationGeography & PlanningLink
GGR377H1Introduction to Urban Data AnalyticsGeography & PlanningLink
GGR424H1Transportation Geography and PlanningGeography & PlanningLink
GGR434H1Building Community ResilienceGeography & PlanningLink
GGR458H1 Selected Topics in Urban Geography: Urban ProblemsGeography & PlanningLink
HIS327H1Rome: The City in HistoryHistoryLink
HIS435H1Themes in Toronto HistoryHistoryLink
HMB490Y1Health in CommunityHuman BiologyLink
INI100H1 The City Where Movies Are MadeInnis One:  The Creative CityLink
INI101H1 Blogging the Just CityInnis One:  The Creative CityLink
INI102H1 Telling the Stories of the City: Writing Creative Non-FictionInnis One:  The Creative CityLink
INI105H1 Nature and the CityInnis One:  The Creative CityLink
INI106H1Writing Literary Journalism: Telling the Stories of the CityInnis One:  The Creative CityLink
INS403H1Indigenous Peoples and the Urban ContextIndigenous StudiesLink
JCI250H1 Italian Canadian CommunitiesCanadian Studies, Italian StudiesLink
JGU216H1Globalization and Urban ChangeGeography & Planning, Urban StudiesLink
JGU346H1The Urban Planning ProcessGeography & Planning, Urban StudiesLink
JPF455H1Conceptualizing Cities in a Global ContextArchitectural Studies, Political ScienceLink
JPF456H1Global Cities – Core Issues and ChallengesArchitectural Studies, Political ScienceLink
NEW102H1 Exploring Multilingual TorontoNew One:  Learning Without BordersLink
POL349H1 Global Urban PoliticsPolitical ScienceLink
POL454H1Innovation and Knowledge Transfer in City RegionsPolitical ScienceLink
REN338H1Renaissance in the CityRenaissance Studies Link
RSM483H1 Real Estate MarketsRotman CommerceLink
SDS345H1Sex and the Epidemic: Social Work, HIV, and Human SexualitySexual Diversity Studies Link
SLA318H1 City of Saints and Sinners: Kyiv through the CenturiesSlavic Languages and LiteraturesLink
SOC205H1 Urban SociologySociologyLink
SOC317H1Urban PolicySociologyLink
SOC335H1 Urban HealthSociologyLink
SOC375H1Sociology of the CitySociologyLink
UNI101H1Citizenship in the Canadian CityUC OneLink
UNI102H1Performing the City UC OneLink
UNI103H1Gradients of Health in an Urban MosaicUC OneLink
UNI104H1Sex in the CityUC OneLink
URB234H1Cities in Popular CultureUrban Studies Link
URB235H1A Multidisciplinary Introduction to Urban Studies I: Theoretical Foundations of City BuildingUrban Studies Link
URB236H1A Multidisciplinary Introduction to Urban Studies II: Urban Challenges and Theoretical ApplicationUrban Studies Link
URB333H1Social Justice in The CityUrban Studies Link
URB335H1City Challenges, City Opportunities in a 21st Century TorontoUrban Studies Link
URB336H1Creative CitiesUrban Studies Link
URB337H1Housing and HomelessnessUrban Studies Link
URB342H1Qualitative Research in Urban StudiesUrban Studies Link
URB430H1Advanced Topics in Urban Studies IIUrban Studies Link
URB431Y1Special Topics in Urban Studies: Multidisciplinary Urban Capstone ProjectUrban Studies Link
URB432H1Special Topics in Urban Studies: Urban Studio: Public Participation in Policy MakingUrban Studies Link
URB433H1Special Topics in Urban StudiesUrban Studies Link
URB435H1Independent Research in Urban StudiesUrban Studies Link
URB436H1Independent Research in Urban StudiesUrban Studies Link
URB437Y1Urban Experiential Learning in Toronto & the GTAUrban Studies Link
URB439H1Cities and Mega-events: Place-making, Contestation and Urban CitizenshipUrban Studies Link
Course CodeCourse TitleSubjectLink
ENV399Y5 LEC0201Cold-weather urban pond ecosystem dynamicsEnvironmentLink
GGR207H5Cities, Urbanization and DevelopmentGeographyLink
GGR265H5(Under)development and HealthGeographyLink
GGR349H5Cities in TransitionGeographyLink
GGR444H5Space Time Data AnalysisGeographyLink
GGR461H5Advanced Urban PlanningGeographyLink
POL346Y5Urban PoliticsPolitical ScienceLink
SOC379H5Criminology, Urban Life, and Social PolicySociologyLink
VCC207H5Urban Sites and SoundsVisual StudiesLink
VCC338H5Picturing the SuburbsVisual StudiesLink
Course CodeCourse TitleSubjectLink
ANTC18H3Urban WorldsAnthropologyLink
CITA01H3 Foundations of City StudiesCity StudiesLink
CITB01H3Canadian Cities and PlanningCity StudiesLink
CITB03H3Social Planning and Community DevelopmentCity StudiesLink
CITB04H3City PoliticsCity StudiesLink
CITB08H3Economy of CitiesCity StudiesLink
CITC01H3Urban Communities and Neighbourhoods Case Study: East ScarboroughCity StudiesLink
CITC02H3Placements in Community DevelopmentCity StudiesLink
CITC03H3Housing Policy and PlanningCity StudiesLink
CITC04H3Current Municipal and Planning Policy and Practice in TorontoCity StudiesLink
CITC07H3 Urban Social PolicyCity StudiesLink
CITC09H3Introduction to Planning History: Toronto and Its RegionCity StudiesLink
CITC12H3City Structures and City Choices: Local Government, Management, and PolicymakingCity StudiesLink
CITC14H3Environmental PlanningCity StudiesLink
CITC15H3Money Matters: How Municipal Finance Shapes the CityCity StudiesLink
CITC16H3Planning and Governing the MetropolisCity StudiesLink
CITC17H3Civic Engagement in Urban PoliticsCity StudiesLink
CITC18H3 Urban Transportation Policy AnalysisCity StudiesLink
CITD01H3City Issues and StrategiesCity StudiesLink
CITD05H3City Studies Workshop I: The Art of City BuildingCity StudiesLink
CITD06H3City Studies Workshop II: Engaging the Public in Policy MakingCity StudiesLink
CITD12H3Planning and Building Public Spaces in TorontoCity StudiesLink
EESC25H3Urban ClimatologyEnvironmental Science Link
FSTC05H3Feeding the City: Food Systems in Historical PerspectiveFood StudiesLink
FSTC43H3Social Geographies of Street FoodFood StudiesLink
GASB74H3Asian Foods and Global CitiesGlobal Asia Studies Link
GGRA03H3Cities and EnvironmentsUrban GeographyLink
GGRB05H3 Urban GeographyUrban GeographyLink
GGRB13H3Social GeographySocial/Cultural GeographyLink
GGRC10H3Urbanization and DevelopmentUrban GeographyLink
GGRC12H3Transportation GeographyUrban GeographyLink
GGRC13H3Urban Political GeographyUrban GeographyLink
GGRC32H3Essential Spatial AnalysisUrban GeographyLink
GGRC34H3Crowd-sourced Urban GeographiesUrban GeographyLink
GGRD14H3Social Justice and the CityUrban/Social/Cultural GeographyLink
HLTC27H3Community Health and EpidemiologyHealth & Society Link
SOCC27H3Sociology of Suburbs and SuburbanizationSociology Link
SOCD21H3Immigrant ScarboroughSociology Link
SOCD51H3Capstone Seminar in Culture, Creativity, and CitiesSociology Link