Urban transportation networks are a key to creating viable, livable cities in the face of population growth. The COVID-19 pandemic shook up how, why, and where we move in our cities, and we are still dealing with the uncertainty of these changes. Through our networks and research, we look at how we can support mobility while protecting our planet, and address the transportation inequities in Canadian cities. 

Mobility Network

The School of Cities partners with the Mobility Network, an affiliated initiative that brings together mobility researchers from across University of Toronto committed to seeing that, in this “First Urban Century”, mobility enables all people to achieve their potential while protecting our planet.

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Mobilizing Justice

We also work with Mobilizing Justice, a multi-sector research partnership committed to solving transportation inequities in Canadian cities. The coalition includes 33 academics from 6 Canadian provinces and 3 countries, 14 government agencies, 7 transportation companies, and 7 non-profit organizations — all of whom are steadfastly committed to delivering equitable transportation systems.

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