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A Mayoral Debate: Anybody Home? How to Solve Toronto’s Housing Crisis.

City Hall, Toronto

Housing affordability: No issue will define the next mayoralty more than the deepening challenge of housing affordability. From attainable market ownership and rental to affordable housing and basic human shelter, the role of the next Mayor of Toronto will play a pivotal role in aligning the city’s resources and programs with allies across the region, the Provincial and Federal governments. 

This program is brought to you by the School of Cities, the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Toronto, and the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI).

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Moderated by:

Marivel Taruc
Journalist and TV host


Which candidates will be participating in the debate?

  • Ana Bailao
  • Brad Bradford
  • Olivia Chow
  • Mitzie Hunter
  • Josh Matlow
  • Mark Saunders
What was the selection criteria?

Participants were identified by reviewing data from the polls conducted by polling organizations between the dates of May 15-29 inclusive. Candidates polling at or above 7%, within the margin of error, were invited to participate. 

When and where is the debate?

The debate will be held on June 12 at Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Ave. and will be livestreamed on the CBC website

How can I watch?

The event has limited seating, so there will be a publicly accessible livestream link. Check back here or follow our social media channels to find the link when it’s released.

Who will be part of the audience?

The in-person audience will represent a broad range of Toronto residents across the full housing affordability spectrum including, but not limited to, students, youth leaders, community advocates, people with lived experience, representatives of public, non-profit and private sector organizations, Indigenous housing providers, industry associations, labour unions, academic and research groups, and municipal planners.

The University of Toronto is pleased to facilitate student engagement in the electoral process. As a publicly supported institution, the University neither supports nor endorses any particular candidate or party at any level of government.