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The “Other” City | Farewell Regent

The "Other" City presents Farewell Regent

Farewell Regent is a 90-minute documentary that captures the Regent Park community of downtown Toronto (the place where social housing began in Canada) in the midst of the largest housing redevelopment project in North America. The documentary profiles past and current tenants, city officials, developers and housing advocates to get an inside view of the complex issues, emotions and drama that are involved in such a massive redevelopment. The Regent Park community will be used as an example in an effort to examine the larger issues of the social housing crisis that is plaguing so many urban centers throughout the globe. Housing as a human right is central to the discussion.


Moderated by Aditi Mehta (Urban Studies Program, Innis, UTSG)

Aditi Mehta is an assistant professor of Urban Studies at the University of Toronto. She graduated from Cornell University in 2006, received her Master in City Planning (MCP) from MIT in 2010, and received her Ph.D. from the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT in November 2017. As a doctoral student, she was the SAGE/Marilyn Jacobs Gittell Activist Ph.D. Scholar with the Community Innovators Lab.

Learn more about the film here

The “Other” City is a series of documentary film screenings about cities and urbanization, exploring the question “who is the city built for and why”? The series aims to bring together our School of Cities community to build relationships, spark collaboration, and provide a platform for engagement in an intimate and informal environment. An expert host introduces the film and moderates a discussion with the audience after the screening.