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The “Other” City | 70 Acres in Chicago

The "Other" City presents 70 Acres of Chicago

70 Acres in Chicago is a looming reminder of inequality, Cabrini’s high-rises were demolished and an African-American community cleared to make room for another social experiment: mixed-income neighbourhoods. Over the course of 20 years, 70 Acres in Chicago documents this upheaval, from the razing of the first buildings in 1995, to the clashes in the mixed-income neighbourhoods a decade later.

The “Other” City is a series of documentary film screenings about cities and urbanization, exploring the question “who is the city built for and why”? The series aims to bring together our School of Cities community to build relationships, spark collaboration, and provide a platform for engagement in an intimate and informal environment. An expert host introduces the film and moderates a discussion with the audience after the screening.