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CP Planning Founder and Affordable Housing Advocate Cheryll Case Joins SofC as an Early Career Canadian Urban Leader

Cheryll Case– notable urban planner and housing advocate who, in 2017, founded CP Planning, a non-profit organization that applies a human rights lens to community planning – has come on board at the School of Cities as the inaugural Early Career Canadian Urban Leader.  

A Ryerson University alumna, Cheryll believes in connecting stakeholders in a collaborative effort towards planning better and more inclusive cities and neighbourhoods. Facilitating conversation and coordination between non-profits, the government, private players and charities, Cheryll works to build sustainable systems that promote equitable access to opportunities among all people. With a three-pronged approach towards supporting dignified living for community members – focused on supporting housing security, food security and financial security-  Cheryll designs interdisciplinary initiatives that work towards a common goal.  

Currently the co-Chair of the knowledge mobilization committee of the Balanced Supply of Housing Node of the Canadian Housing Evidence Collaborative program co-funded by SSHRC and CMHC, Cheryll advised the City of Toronto’s on the 2020-2030 Affordable Housing Action Plan and co-edited and authored House Divided: How the Missing Middle Will Solve Toronto’s Affordability Crisis.’ 

Through her association with the School of Cities, Cheryll will work to shine a light on Ontario city-builders city-builders whose practice promotes the integration of social equity into cultural relationships to land. She will further support the development of missing-middle models, programs, and policies tailored to the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and designed to reach and benefit those traditionally excluded from conversations around economic growth. Bringing together community services organizations, private-sector lenders, municipal planning bodies and other institutions in a concerted effort, Cheryll will use her insights and expertise to apply a housing-first approach to transit-oriented development. 

We welcome Cheryll to the School of Cities Team! 

Early Career Canadian Urban Leaders are promising academics, journalists, or practitioners in civil society, the arts, business, and government (municipal, provincial, national and inter-governmental organizations) who are leaders among their peers and are early (within the first ten years) in their careers.