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School of Cities announces projects funded by the Anti-Black Racism/Black Lives and Anti-Indigenous Racism/Indigenous Lives Funding Initiative

The School of Cities is pleased to support thirteen projects as part of the inaugural Anti-Black Racism/Black Lives and Anti-Indigenous Racism/Indigenous Lives Funding Initiative. The projects were chosen with the help of an Award Committee comprised of faculty and student members from the Black and Indigenous community at the University of Toronto.

The Anti-Black Racism/Black Lives and Anti-Indigenous Racism/Indigenous Lives Funding Initiative was created to support anti-racism education, outreach and engaged praxis and policy-oriented research projects and initiatives undertaken by faculty and student associations across the tri-campus of the University of Toronto and in the wider community. In addition to financial support, the School of Cities will also provide funded projects with promotional support and assistance in convening conversations with diverse audiences beyond academia, knowledge translation and other communications as required.   

Based on the overwhelming response from the university community to the call and the appraisal of the Award Committee, the initial round of funding was extended beyond its original budget to provide support to more projects.  

The funded projects demonstrate prior engagement and substantive work on the broader scope of Anti-Black Racism & Black Lives and Anti-Indigenous Racism & Indigenous Lives interventions.  

  • Askaakamigokwewigamig repair and revitalization, Dr. Debby Wilson-Danard, M.Ed, PhD; Dr. Jennifer Wemigwans, PhD; Mikayla Redden, MLIS, New College
  • Black, Indigenous, and Black-Indigenous Dialogue Series, Prof. Jennifer Brant, Prof. Rosalind Hampton and Prof. Fikile Nxumalo, Department of Curriculum Teaching and Learning (OISE) 
  • Black Liberatory Physical Education: Freedom Movement through FreedomSchool – Toronto, Prof. Janelle Joseph, Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education 
  • Black Medical Students’ Association Community Outreach, Mohamed Adam, Maclite Tesfaye, and Petra Famiyeh, Black Medical Students’ Association 
  • Black Studies Summer Seminar Intensive, Prof. Mark V. Campbell, Department of Arts, Culture & Media, UTSC 
  • Combating Commercial Displacement of Black-Owned Businesses in Little Jamaica, Prof. Jason Spicer, Prof. Katharine Rankin, Keisha St.Louis-McBurnie, Aayesha Patel, Department of Geography and Planning, UTSG, Dane Williams, Romain Baker, and Ruth Belay, BUTO – Black Urbanism Toronto 
  • Family Group Conferencing (FGC)-African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) Families, Dr. Lance McCready, Dr. Bryn King, Sewsen Igbu and Karima Kinlock- Quamina, Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education, OISE  
  • Journal of Integrative Anti-Racism Studies, Prof. George Dei and Janelle Brady, Centre for Integrative Anti-Racism Studies (OISE) 
  • Market Credit Program at Scarborough Co-op Market, Yohanna Mehary and Prof. Kevin Edmonds 
  • Mashkiki gitigaanan (Medicine gardens), Rebecca Beaulne-Stuebing, Katherine Yee, Sandi Wemigwase, Pedro Moran Bonilla, Indigenous Education Network (OISE) 
  • Practicing Indigenization: changing the arts sector to center Indigenous Artists’ wellbeing, Prof. Dani Kwan-Lafond, Randa Omar, Rajpreet Sidhu, Yi Li and Tianyi Wang, Department of Sociology, UTSC 
  • Water Gathering with the Credit River: Decolonizing Municipal and Provincial Understandings of Land, Parks, Rivers, Prof. Bonnie McElhinny and Giidaakunadaad/Nancy Rowe, New College 
  • #Pullingtogether Collaborative, Travonne Edwards, Bryn King and Stephanie Begun, Youth Wellness Lab, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work  

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