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Rebecca Alty headshot

Rebecca Alty

Canadian Urban Leader

Rebecca Alty has been the Mayor of Yellowknife, NWT since 2018. She was born and raised in Yellowknife, and has served as Executive Director of the Stanton Territorial Hospital Foundation, Director of Communications and Community Development at AVENS, and Manager of Communities and External Relations at Diavik Diamond Mine Inc. She served two terms as a Councillor with the City of Yellowknife before running for Mayor – a position to which she was elected in 2022 for her second term.   

Ms. Alty will use her time as a Canadian Urban Leader to explore ways of expanding housing options and making housing more affordable in Yellowknife, where the percentage of the population experiencing housing challenges or homelessness is higher than in many larger Canadian cities, and where the northern, remote and rural nature of the city makes the challenges unique and limits the range of solutions.