School of Cities / Event

Film Launch: Nothing for us, without us

Join us for the premiere of “Nothing for us, without us” which explores anti-Black racism in Canadian city planning (Little Jamaica in Toronto, Hogan’s Alley in Vancouver, and Africville in Nova Scotia). This powerful mini-documentary sheds light on the persistent issue of anti-Black racism and its impact on urban planning.

Through interviews, personal stories, and expert analysis, this mini doc offers an intimate glimpse into the realities of exclusionary practices in city planning. Join us for a panelist discussion afterward as we explore the systemic barriers, discrimination, and resilience that shape the lives of Black individuals and communities in Canada.

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with this important topic and contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding anti-Black racism. Together, let’s work towards creating cities that include all of us.


Cheryll Case, Founding Principal of CP Planning

Leighana Mais, Community Consultant

Kofi Hope, Co-founder of Monumental

Mapfumo Chidzonga, Africentric community engagement specialist, EDIA trainer, researcher, and public speaker

Amina Yasin, Director Public Hearings and Planning, Board Director Hogans Alley Society and City Commissioner, Vancouver City Planning Commission

Alexandra Lambropoulos, Project Officer at the Infrastructure Institute and Founder of Untitled Planning and Urban Limitrophe


Jamilla Mohamud, Housing Policy Planner at the City of Toronto