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Hart House Global Commons Design Jam: Exploring Migration Stories

Large crowd in the street with multiple protest banners

Hosted by Hart House Global Commons, the design jam is a two-part workshop that invites participants to explore and unpack the complexities of migration through storytelling, art and design. Guest speakers with lived experience of migration and creative activism anchor the event with narrative storytelling, laying the groundwork for a deep dive into a collective design process. Participants will be guided through design research activities both individually and in facilitated breakout groups, with ample opportunities for dialogue and making new connections. We invite you to participate!

The Vancouver Design Nerds(Link opens in a new tab), a non-profit organization specializing in creative engagement, bring theory and process to the Design Jam. Design research is an approach used to foster understanding and build bridges toward addressing complex issues and challenges, but it is important to note that “problem solving” migration is not the goal of this event. We are convening because migration is a global issue that intersects with many other challenges facing the world today. We will use story and creative methods to explore the topic of migration to understand its implications more deeply. Participants will leave with new tools that can be applied in any field.

About the Global Commons

The Hart House Global Commons is an international dialogue space that connects students participating from multiple global locations to engage in real-time conversations about issues that are pressing and pertinent to everyone, regardless of place. We hope you will join us for a unique opportunity to connect across contexts, exchange dialogue and perspectives, and learn from each other—all without leaving your living space!


  • Myria Georgiou, Professor, Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics
  • Masoud Riyazati, Artist