NameProgram of StudyDegreeProposed Project Title
Ameen AhmedArchitecture, Daniels FacultyMaster’sStatues Also Die II
Ameer IdreisPlanning, Department of Geography & PlanningMaster’sLines in the Land: The Efficacy of Ontario’s Greenbelt and Alternate Approaches
Ashique ThuppilikkatInformation, Faculty of InformationPhDWorkers on Wheels: Migrant Labour in Urban Cities, Digital Labour Platforms and Climate Change
Roland ChengHuman Geography, Department of Geography & PlanningPhDQueer(ing) Pragmatic Resistance: Spaces of Consumption and Commoning as Alternative Resistance in Hong Kong
Delaram FarzanfarPsychology, Department of PsychologyPhDCityscape Therapeutics*
Elizabeth ChanPsychology, Department of PsychologyPhDUrban Greenways and Community Well-Being: An Inter-City Analysis of Greenway Proximity
Faizaan KhanPlanning, Department of Geography & PlanningMaster’sScarborough Stories: Protecting Racialized Cultural Heritage Value in Toronto’s Inner Suburbs*
Grant BenjaminEconomics, Department of EconomicsPhDLeading Pedestrian Intervals: A Public Safety-Environmental Trade-off?
Hugo CordeauEconomics, Department of EconomicsPhDCycling to Efficiency: Optimal Bike Share Allocation in a Dynamic Bike Lane Network
Jacob BessenSociocultural Anthropology, Department of AnthropologyPhDGiving Houses to Strangers: Urban Reinvention between Immigration and Emigration
Jad ZalzalCivil Engineering, Department of Civil & Mineral EngineeringPhDInvestigating the impact of different vehicle fleets on environmental justice: A CTM downscaling approach
Jennifer HarmerIndustrial Relations & Human Resources, Centre of Industrial Relations & Human ResourcesPhDThe rise of public sector unionism: Implications for labour and local government employers
Keir Matthews-HunterPlanning, Department of Geography & PlanningPhDDevelop or delay? Real options and land use regulation in the multi-residential development process
Mathew IantornoInformation, Faculty of InformationPhDThe Hostile Architectures of Automation
Mitchell MaAnthropology, Department of AnthropologyPhDExploring the Impact of Social Identity on the Immigration Experience of Hong Kong Canadian Diaspora in the GTA
Noah KhanSocial Justice Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in EducationPhDMovement in the Loop: Improving Benefit Access for Indian Internal Migrants | Ghostwork in the Machine: A Phenomenological Inquiry into Indian Data Annotation Workers and Smart Cities
Priyanka VermaDoctoral student at the Faculty of InformationPhDDesigning Inclusive FinTech for Autorickshaw Drivers in India 
Rayan DabbousComparative Literature, Centre for Comparative LiteraturePhDPost-renovation, can we turn King’s College Circle into Toronto’s new agora?*
Scarlett RakowskaGeography, Department of Geography and PlanningPhDAssociations with Exposure and Access to Outdoor Urban Spaces with Health Diseases in Toronto
Shreyasha PaudelComputer Science, Department of Computer SciencePhDDigital Documentation and Data Sharing for Environmental Advocacy
Upasana BhattacharjeeInformation (Media, Technology and Culture), Faculty of InformationPhDStreet art and claims over time*
Vicky ZhouMaster of Public Policy, Munk SchoolMaster’sThrough my eyes: exploring the city of Toronto at the intersection of urban policies and urban photography
Vineetha NallaPlanning, Department of Geography and PlanningPhDUncovering narratives of risk behind Bengaluru’s mega infrastructure projects
* = Students who are engaging with and attending events with the Creative Communities Commons (CCC)