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The “Other” City | Community-Owned Kensington Docuseries

The Other City film series presents a docuseries about Kensington Market

Toronto’s Kensington Market has been a hub of culture and activity since the early 19th century; its unique urbanism defined by the people who have lived and worked there over generations. Like so many other neighbourhoods in Toronto, faces immense economic and development pressure. The Kensington Market Community Land Trust began as an idea in the mid 2010’s with the aim of combatting that trend. In just three years the KMCT has mobilized to turn idea into action acquiring its first building as community-owned affordable housing in perpetuity. How did they do it? What was the vision? Who was involved? And how will the vision continue into the future?

Visit the website of the Kensington Market Community Land Trust.

The “Other” City is a series of documentary film screenings about cities and urbanization, exploring the question “who is the city built for and why”? The series aims to bring together our School of Cities community to build relationships, spark collaboration, and provide a platform for engagement in an intimate and informal environment. An expert host introduces the film and moderates a discussion with the audience after the screening.